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Which Labs/Exercises/Courses or Packages Are Right For Me?

Start by browsing our online catalog, and if you would like personalized guidance, reach out to our team at We're happy to help find the training that best meets your needs!

Trouble Logging in to the Range

If you have a COGENT Cyber Range account but cannot log in, the first step is to visit the password recovery page.

If you use COGENT Cyber Range materials that are integrated in an academic institution's learning management system, you may only access those materials through that system; you cannot log in to the range directly. If you would like to create a separate COGENT Cyber Range account for other purposes, either use a different e-mail address or contact us at to disambiguate the accounts.

Trouble Navigating a Lab Activity

Feel like you're in over your head? Try a more introductory-level lab within the same Specialty Category. Or try the Intro to Ethical Hacking COGENT Cyber Range lab. It can help you learn how to navigate within the range as well as perform foundational tasks such as using the Terminal or editing text files.

Can't Finish That One Goal in a Lab?

Some common things to check:

  • Did you run the sequence of commands exactly as specified? While there may be more than one way to accomplish a goal, the range's monitoring system cannot anticipate every way you might do it. When in doubt, stick to the methods described.
  • Make sure you haven't made a common typo, such as '-' versus '--' in a command argument, substituting the number 1 for a lowercase L, or not entering a long command on a single line.
  • Many advanced exercises and attack scenarios have Hints available in a tab on the right; take advantage of them!
  • Try looking at the off-line documentation, available in most range labs from the landing page that describes the lab. Sometimes reading the instructions in a different format can shed some light on where things went wrong.

If you're still stuck, or think you've found a problem with a lab activity, reach out to our team at While the support team won't give you extended tutoring, we can help you past that one goal you're having trouble with.

Need More Space or to Set Up Accessibility Options in an Exercise Machine?

The first option to try is "full screen" mode within the exercise; this will expand the exercise machine view to be as large as possible.

Many further options are available within the specific exercise machines; virtual machines in range lab activities are full, standard operating systems, and can be configured in the same ways a desktop or laptop would be. The Help menu at the top of the range screen contains an item called "Language / Accessibility Help", which details the options available for each operating system. If you need more screen space, you can increase the virtual machine's resolution via its internal Control Panel or Settings applications; changes in resolution will be reflected immediately in your exercise layout. In many machines, you can simply drag the screen from its bottom-right corner to expand it as well. You can also configure accessibility options, such as an on-screen keyboard, high contrast, or larger fonts, using the virtual machine's accessibility features. (For example, the Ubuntu and Kali Linux virtual machines have an Accessibility menu at the top right of their screens.)