How to create relevant training for 16 Sectors

The COGENT Range welcomes and encourages content development in collaboration with the private, public and education sectors.

Working with the COGENT design team or building your own content, organizations and colleges can now create and provide access for everyone to the most relevant, current and timely IT and OT hands on skills training and educational content available.

The development process has been intentionally designed for ease of functionality and to accommodate a wide variety of content topics to be “shared or used privately”. The creation of the exercises is performed directly into the COGENT Building platform.

The COGENT Cyber Range team of experts provides initial training and support for building new content.

For Organizations
Take advantage of the opportunity to create unique and relevant cyber training content that applies directly to and emulates your IT and OT functions and systems.
For Colleges
Add to your OT curricula and provide for unique Capstone projects to strengthen yours and students’ relationships with industries. Through these Capstone projects, students will engage with the workforce to determine relevant cyber and OT security tasks for building exercises and labs by job role.