COGENT NACRA Cyber Challenge Workshop EVENT

INFO Event is LIMITED to the FIRST 70 Sign-Ups per Event

HOT TIP: Create your COGENT Cyber Platform and Range Account now or anytime for FAST registration using the Link posted here.

Cyber Range Access for both Events

  • Level 1 Workshop attendees have 2 days access. Pick a start date where you will get the most from your access
  • Level 2 Participants have unlimited access from Launch of Challenge until Saturday, Oct. 21st - 9:00 pm MST  

CRITICAL: how to Maintain Access

Training and Scenarios on COGENT utilize a PAUSE Exercise button - Once you have Launched, do NOT use the End Exercise button until you have completely finished and ready to End your access. You will NOT have a 2nd chance to start all over. You are limited to 1 start, BUT you have unlimited Pause of the challenges. Use the PAUSE Button in the Console Dashboard until you have completed the challenge. Closing your browser will Pause your exercise too.

Final results of completion times and other scoring data will be posted on COGENT Cyber Range BLOG and our NEWS pages, plus on LinkedIn for your Bragging Rights!

RESULTS: Top 10 Scores will be posted on the afternoon of Sunday 22nd October. 

TRY NOW Button directs you to Login or to Create an Account

Who should participate? This is a workshop challenge for anyone with some, or a lot of cyber lab, and open source tools use, and cyber range or sandbox testing experience.

Your Goal: knock down the active attack. Be ready for some challenging twists. Don't worry, this defender workshop has plenty of HINTS. You are guaranteed to finish and to learn new tools, new infrastructure devices and incident response tactics.

How good are you? Find out over a 6 days access to this CTF. Who will get the prize and brag rights. If you think only a CEH is your ticket, get some hands-on practice or go with the Cyber Smack Down workshop instead. Or give it whirl and identify areas to work on. No help or hints provide here. Scoring is based on highest points and fastest time to STOP the attack(s).